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Cancer in Sheep
P. D. CARTER, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Coonabarabran
During the late summer and autumn of 1958, instances of unusually high Cancer incidence among sheep was observed on the north-west black soil plains in the Burren Junction area ... Read More

Pneumonia in Sheep
D. H. MUMFORD, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo
A pneumonia in sheep has been encountered in the Dubbo District affecting, in the great majority of cases, sheep of the British breeds ... Read More

Factors Affecting Fertility of Rams and Ewes and Survival of New-born Lambs
V. G. COLE, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Surgeon, Grazcos, Sydney
The following is a summary of the sort of working knowledge the veterinarian needs in dealing with the important problem of fertility of sheep ... Read More

Abnormalities of Testes — Merino Rams
E. A. M. FARLEIGH, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Glen Innes
A total of 84 rams were examined on six properties, and seven animals suffering some abnormality ... Read More

Ovine Coccidiosis
D. J. WALKER, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Armidale
In recent years, since phenothiazine has been used widely as an anthelmintic and improved pastures have removed major nutritional stresses, it has become increasingly evident that an additional factor was causing far more loss than had previously been realised ... Read More

The Use of Urea as a Nitrogen Supplement in Sheep Nutrition; and Urea Poisoning
E. J. McBARRON, B.V.Sc., Special Veterinary Research Officer (Nutrition), Glenfield Veterinary Research Station
Urea is a synthetic compound containing 46 per cent, nitrogen; now widely used as a fertiliser. It also has a use in ruminant nutrition as a substitute for feed protein, with a marked advantage of being ... Read More

P. T. DIPLOCK, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Mudgee
Following a survey of the available literature, one is left with a definite impression that Listeriosis is a disease which is considerably more widespread than the few reports of its occurrence would suggest ... Read More

Grain Poisoning with Sheep Nuts
D. J. WALKER, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Armidale
Reference to grain poisoning invariably brings to mind death of animals from engorgement with wheat or other cereal grain; the result of failure to ensure that each individual eats its proper share of a large quantity of feed placed before ... Read More

Infertility in Sheep on Sub. Clover
E. R. TUOHY, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Wagga
Infertility disease in sheep grazing on Subterranean Clover assumed some importance in the Wagga district during the years 1955 and 1956; reaching its peak of incidence at this time, due probably mainly to eminently suitable weather conditions ... Read More

Blue Tongue
N. K. GOLDING, B.V.Sc., Principal Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture, N.S.W.
Blue Tongue is an acute, infectious disease, primarily of sheep, but it affects also, to a lesser extent, cattle and goats ... Read More

Skin Scrapings in Itch Mite Infestations
C. D. GEE, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Condobolin
On occasions veterinary field officers have found themselves in the position of being asked to examine sheep for Psorergates infestation; and of not having curved scissors and scalpel blades with them ... Read More

Necrobacillosis of the Tongue in Sheep
P. T. DIPLOCK, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Mudgee
During a visit to the property of a district landholder early in May, 1956, and on another matter, the case of a stud ram was mentioned, which some six weeks previously had commenced losing its cud and salivating ... Read More

On Bovine Venereal Infections, with Special Reference to Diagnostic Tests and Specimens
H. E. R. BEATTIE, B.V.Sc., H.D.A., Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield
Increasing interest in Trichomoniasis and Vibriosis unfortunately seems often to be accompanied by a reduction in attention to the diagnosis of Brucellosis ... Read More

Hormones and Their Application in Fattening Stock
LLOYD G. WILLIAMS, B.V.Sc., M.S. (Oregon), Special Veterinary Research Officer (Beef Cattle), N.S.W. Department of Agriculture (Leeton Experiment Farm)
During the last decade, increasing interest has been shown in the use of synthetic oestrogens and androgens for stimulating the growth and fattening of beef cattle and sheep ... Read More

Pasteurellosis (Cattle) and C. Pyogenes (Sheep)
J. H. IRVINE, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Bathurst
Shortly after the commencement of a widespread Pleuro-Pneumonia outbreak early in 1957, a phone call was received from a stock-owner in the Spring Hill area reporting a suspected case of Pleuro-Pneumonia ... Read More

Case Reports
G. CHARLES, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Forbes
Whether this animal was suffering from a type of conditioned reflex or an outright fear complex would be hard to say, and little information on the occurrence of such behaviour patterns in animals is available ... Read More

Hypomagnesaemia in Cattle
J. H. IRVINE, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Bathurst
. The condition affected both beef and dairy cattle, and whilst in the former it usually was acute and uncomplicated, most cases in dairy cattle were complicated by acetonaemia and hypocalcaemia ... Read More

The Part of the Veterinary Surgeon in the Future of Animal Management in Australia
G. C. BRANDER, B.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., Technical Director, William Cooper & Nephews (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
How well then is the Australian veterinary profession geared to provide the services which I have just described? Compared with its U.K. counterpart it is relatively poorly prepared ... Read More

E - The Unique Vitamin
Vitamin E is unique among vitamins for the variety of undesirable manifestations observed when it is absent from the animal diet ... Read More

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