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Transmissible Serositis
W. B. HARDING, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth
Madden records the disease as "A Complaint of a Puzzling Nature, Affecting Cattle in the Tamworth Pastures Protection Board District" ... Read More

Arthritis in Cattle
D. H. MUMFORD, B.V.Sc., District Veterinary Officer, Dubbo
It is thought to be of interest to record an "outbreak" of arthritis in young bulls on a Hereford stud in western NSW ... Read More

Grass Tetany in Cattle
R. P. HERD, B.V.Sc., District Veterinary Officer, Benalla, Victoria
Grass Tetany is the clinical state of excitement and tetanic spasm which is precipitated in a hypomagnesaemic animal by a stress factor ... Read More

Accidental Poisoning of Cattle with Lead Arsenate
J. M. WILSON, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Casino
A heavy mortality ensued after a dairy farmer carried out routine drenching of his herd with a proprietary brand of hexachloroethane ... Read More

Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia
R.S. STRANGER, B.V.Sc., Divisional Veterinary Officer, Townsville
Contrary to popular belief, Contagious Bovine Pleuro-pneumonia is not widespread in Queensland ... Read More

Some Observations on Addiction to Swainsona spp. in Sheep
PETER T. DIPLOCK, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Warialda
Numerous genera of Swainsona spp. have been described from wide areas of this continent, with most trouble in this state due mainly to five genera ... Read More

Ovine Coccidiosis
J. H. IRVINE, B.V.Sc, Veterinary Inspector, Bathurst
In the past it has been maintained by many Australian authorities that in this country Ovine Coccidiosis is a disease of no practical importance ... Read More

Muscular Dystrophy in Sheep
E. A. FARLEIGH, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Glen Innes
Muscular Dystrophy, also known as White Muscle Disease or Stiff Lamb Disease, has been known for many years, and was diagnosed clinically ... Read More

Suspected "1080" Poisoning in Sheep
R. E. EVERETT, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Officer, Dubbo
A mortality in sheep was investigated at the request of, and in conjunction with, the Rabbit Inspector, Condobolin ... Read More

The Footrot Eradication Campaign in the Armidale Pastures Protection District
F. CLARK, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Armidale
The Footrot campaign has been in progress for over two years, and it is opportune to review achievements and some of the difficulties ... Read More

1961 Swine Fever Outbreak
N. K. GOLDING, B.V.Sc., Principal Veterinary Officer, Division of Animal Industry
There were serious mortalities in pigs reported and investigated in the outer metropolitan areas of Sydney during 1960 ... Read More

Salmonellosis of Pigs
G. E. CHARLES, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Forbes
Pigs are known to be common carriers of Salmonella and many serotypes have been isolated from these animals ... Read More

Toxic Jaundice in Pigs
P. S. GREEN, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo
An unusual mortality in pigs was experienced on at least two holdings in the Dubbo District ... Read More

Infectious Rhinitis in Pigs
K. F. OPFERKUCH, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Condobolin
Infectious Rhinitis was first recognised in Australia in South Australia in 1959, with the disease appearing as an acute epidemic ... Read More

Recent Progress in Poultry Research at the Poultry Research Station, Seven Hills
M. W. McDONALD, M.Sc.Agt, Ph.D., Senior Livestock Research Officer
As the poultry industry has developed from extensive or sideline farms to intensive units, the nature of the investigations carried out at has changed also ... Read More

"Crying Wolf" in Earnest
M. M. MacKINNON, B.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., Lecturer in Preventive Medicine, School of Rural Science, The University of New England
The threat of exotic and "new" diseases is not only imminent, but has the reality of "fait accompli"; as demonstrated by diseases recently diagnosed in Australia ... Read More

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