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Pesticides in Relation to Public Health
D. D. TRAINOR, M.B., Ch.M., F.R.C.S.E., F.R.A.C.S., New South Wales Department of Public Health
To the general public a pesticide is merely something to be used to rid us of those lower forms of life which cause us inconvenience ... Read More

Disease as a Factor in Reproductive Failure Among Sheep
G. R. MOULE, D.V.Sc., Australian Wool Board
Fecundity relates to the power of a species to increase in numbers, and high fecundity is an important characteristic of domestic animals ... Read More

Anthrax Outbreak - Macquarie Marsh Area
E. G. LOWE, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Coonamble
Anthrax was first confirmed in the Marshes in 1938 when it occurred on a property on the Northern extremity, with no further cases reported until 1962 ... Read More

Cotton Fireweed (Senecio quadridentata*) Poisoning in Cattle
JOAN C. KATER, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield
Cotton Fireweed has not previously been definitely incriminated in stock losses, but it has been associated with cattle mortalities on four properties ... Read More

Some Aspects of Hand-Feeding of Sheep
P. McINNES, Livestock Research Officer, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield
An understanding of the principles of hand-feeding is necessary to obtain the most efficient utilisation of dry pastures ... Read More

Modern Vaccine Production
ARTHUR WEBSTER, B.V.Sc., Northmead
As with other pursuits, the development of vaccines and the methods of their production does not progress, at least in the experience of one manufacturer, with a steady, even flow ... Read More

Anthrax in Pigs
G. CHARLES, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Forbes
Affected sows showed general malaise and leg weakness, were reluctant to lie down, with only a slight elevation of temperature, and respiration shallow and thoracic ... Read More

Anthrax — A Case History
J. V. RUSSELL, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Condobolin
One of the ten outbreaks of Anthrax in one year, diagnosed with laboratory confirmation, presented some unusual features and is reported here ... Read More

Relative Incidences of "Suspect" Diseases — A Survey of Two Areas of N.S.W.
R. C. DENYER, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Cooma
For many years, cattle showing external manifestations of actinomycosis, actinobacillosis, cancer and tuberculosis, have been known as "suspects" ... Read More

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