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Splay Leg in Pigs
by P.S. Green, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Dubbo
My contribution is a case report and it is submitted in the hope that it may be of some help to those inspectors who have not seen the condition before Read More

Crofton Weed Poisoning in Horses
by D.B. Unger, B.V.Sc. . Veterinary Inspector, Casino
Increased running of horses in danger areas coincident with the inflow of new settlers or members of the alternate society has seen numerous equine mortalities due to crofton weed in recent years Read More

Adverse Reactions Following the Use of a Proprietary Injectable Copper Compound
by J.M. Wilson, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore
Investigations were carried out in a Lismore district dairy herd where a chronic ill thrift, suboptimal production and reproduction problem existed Read More

A Condition Resembling Nitrite Poisoning in Pigs
by J.M. Wilson, B.V.Sc. Veterinary Inspector, Tweed-Lismore
Between 16th and 18th June, 1976, 15 four months old store pigs died from a condition resembling nitrite poisoning Read More

Sporadic Bovine Encephalomyelitis in Cattle in the Tamworth Pastures Protection Board 1979-1980
by G. Eggleston, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Tamworth
From May 1979 through to March 1980 quite a few cases of S.B.E. were seen in cattle with these cases occurred on 10 different properties spread throughout most of the Board area Read More

A Developmental Abnormality in New Born Lambs
by M.R. Barry, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Albury
A still born lamb with abnormal jaw development born the previous night was sent in by the owner and forwarded to Glenfield Read More

Hypocalcaemia and Hypomagnesaemia of Weaner Lambs Grazing Oat Stubbles
by A.G. Morton, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Gundagai
Three lamb weaner mortalities were investigated with similar histories and clinical signs with each outbreak in weed-free cereal stubbles grazed by weaner lambs for several weeks late in summer Read More

Johnes Disease of Cattle in Southern Irrigation Districts
by D.D. Salmon, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Deniliquin
The clinical picture in Johnes Disease is described as profuse, odourless, fluid diarrhoea Read More

Pregnancy Toxaemia & Enterotoxaemia
by N.B. King, B.V.Sc., H.D.A. Privato Practitioner, Bexley
Pregnancy toxaemia is a progressively fatal disease of goats, seen in the last month of pregnancy and associated with a large single kid or multiple kids Read More

Brucellosis in the Field
by J. Keogh, B.V.Sc., Director Brucellosis Eradication
The Brucellosis Eradication Campaign is the largest disease eradication campaign ever undertaken by the Department of Agriculture in New South Wales and is probably the biggest campaign that will ever be undertaken in Australia Read More

Brucellosis Eradication in the Gloucester Pastures Protection Board District
by R.E. Moore, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Gloucester
Gloucester Pastures Protection Board has 3,870 large stock owners running 295,500 large stock, with 750 of those stock owners dairymen supplying six dairy factories Read More

Brucellosis Symposium
by J.M. Wilson, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Tweed/Lismore
There are approximately 300,000 breeding cattle in the Richmond-Tweed area, and through the initial rounds of bleeding these were handled by 54 bleeders in teams of 3 Read More

Brucellosis Eradication - Problems Encountered
by M.R. Barry, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Albury
The interpreting veterinarian needs not only to sight results of tests and decide on those cattle which should be slaughtered but also to educate stock owners of risks involved with this disease Read More

Problems With Brucellosis Eradication in Warialda Area
by M. Emms, B.V.Sc. Veterinary Inspector, Warialda
The official test and slaughter programme for Brucellosis Eradication commenced in December, 1977, with the appointment of 10 Field Assistants and 1 Assistant Read More

Distribution of Brucellosis Complement Fixation Titres in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Herds
by C. Gee, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, Goulburn
The purpose of the study was to assess the significance of Strain 19 residual titres in the eradication effort in the Goulburn District Read More

Laboratory Aspects of Bovine Brucellosis
by J.E. Searson, B.V.Sc., Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Wagga
For the Veterinary Inspector to fulfil his role as an interpreter of laboratory serological results in the Brucellosis Campaign, he must have a good understanding of basic immunology Read More

'Kikuyu Grass Poisoning' of Cattle
by K. Walker, B.V.Sc., Glenfield Research Station
The data from 32 outbreaks of kikuyu grass poisoning on farms in the Northland Province of New Zealand were analysed Read More

Control of Resistant Nematodes
by C.A. Hall, M.R.C.V.S. Glenfield Research Station
Several systems for the control of gastro-intestinal nematodes in grazing livestock have been recommended and there is a wide variation in the practices adopted by graziers, particularly in the frequency of drenching Read More

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