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Anthelmintic Resistance in Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes From Goats
by C.A. Hall, NSW Dept. of Agriculture, Veterinary Research Station, GLENFIELD NSW
There are very few anthelmintics that have been specifically examined for efficacy against nematode parasites in the gastro-intestinal tract of goats by controlled experimental trials Read More

Immunity in Infection and Vaccination
by James Chin, Immunology, CVL, GLENFIELD
Although the existence of 3 major classes of ruminant immunoglobulins (Igs) - IgG, IgA and IgM have been known for some time, a functional role for these molecules Read More

by P. Healy, Veterinary Research Stn., GLENFIELD
Clinical signs shown by kids relate to a severe neurological deficit Read More

Mastitis in Goats
by R.J.T. Hoare, Veterinary Research Stn., GLENFIELD
With the increased interest in milking goats the number of submissions of milk for the diagnosis of mastitis in goats has increased Read More

Developments in Mastitis Control
by R.J.T. Hoare, Veterinary Research St., GLENFIELD
The number of cow samples received for cell counting has doubled every year Read More

Planning and Conduct of Sheep Fertility Investigations
by J.W. Plant, S.V.R.O., Veterinary Research St., GLENFIELD
Recommendations have been made over many years in an effort to overcome low lamb marking percentages in sheep flocks in New South Wales Read More

Report on Mortality in Calves
by J.A. Macfarlane, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, NARRABRI
Calves were restless and trembled or shivered when disturbed, and later they were reluctant to stand at all Read More

Avian Tuberculosis
by M.R. Barry, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, ALBURY
Its economic importance is not great but the disease must be controlled because it affects other more important animal enterprises Read More

Interesting Pesticide Problems
by I.R. Harradine, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, GRAFTON
On 23rd August, 1981 it was reported that a medium Aberdeen Angus yearling steer had a dieldrin level of 4.5ppm Read More

Dieldrin Residues - an Interesting Case Report
by J.M. Wilson, B.V.Sc. Veterinary Inspector, TWEED-LISMORE
This report details an investigation into the presence of dieldrin residues in a dairy herd resulting from urban encroachment Read More

Pesticides in the Tamworth Pastures Protection Board
by G.W. Eggleston, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, TAMWORTH
The main chemicals involved have been dieldrin, heptachlor and hexachlorobenzene Read More

Grass Seed Infestation of Sheep
by J.B. Kemp, B.V.Sc., Veterinary Inspector, FORBES
Barley grass was apparently introduced into Australia quite soon after settlement and it is a native of Europe, North Africa and Asia Read More

Screw Worm Fly
by D.R. Thompson, District Veterinary Officer, ORANGE
Screw worm fly is the closest exotic animal pest to Australia, being present in New Guinea and the South East Asian countries Read More

Tribulus Ataxia or 'Cathead Staggers'
by C.A. Bourke, B.V.Sc. (HONS), H.D.A. Veterinary Research Officer, Department of Agriculture, Regional Veterinary Laboratory, ORANGE
In 1938, a curious hindquarter ataxia was observed in some mobs of sheep in the Coonabarabran district, then later in the Coonabarabran and Dubbo areas Read More

Field Experiences With Footrot Vaccine
by K.J. Astill, B.V.Sc., ICI Australia Operations Pty. Ltd., SYDNEY
Field Veterinarians with extensive experience in footrot have recognised the value of Beveridge's principles for control and eradication of this disease Read More

Lice Control in Sheep - the Departmental View
by B.P. Healy, Director, Animal Disease Control, NSW Department of Agriculture, SYDNEY
The sheep louse, Damalinia ovis, was possibly introduced with early settlement together with ked and sheep scab Read More

Some Technical Aspects of Lice Control in Sheep
by A.N. Sinclair, Senior Lecturer, School of Wool and Pastoral Sciences, Faculty of Applied Science, University of N.S.W.
It is convenient to begin by classifying external parasites of sheep on the basis of life history, which includes the type of lifecycle, feeding mechanism and bionomics Read More

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