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Heat Stress Losses in Feedlot Cattle at Texas, February 1991
John Cronin, Veterinary Officer, QDPI, TOOWOOMBA
On 9 February 1991, the QDPI Regional Manager in Toowoomba was contacted by the manager of W Feedlot advising of the death of approximately 450 head of cattle that afternoon Read More

Hypovitaminosis A and E in a Cattle Feedlot
B.A. VANSELOW, RVL, NSW Agriculture, Armidale & R.J. HUNTER, Glen Innes Vet Clinic, Glen Innes
In the feedlot situation, grain and silage based diets contain inadequate amounts of β-carotene and vitamin E to maintain rapidly growing animals, and therefore supplementation is essential Read More

Johne's Disease in the Bega District
S. Jagoe, District Veterinarian, Bega
31 properties in the Bega District have a history of, or are suspected as having infection with M. paratuberculosis Read More

Bovine Johne's Disease - A Southern Perspective
DD Salmon, District Veterinarian, Deniliquin
The Riverina has a relatively high incidence of Johne's Disease. There are several reasons for that Read More

Johnes Disease in Sheep: Transmission Between Sheep-Cattle?
SJ Whittaker, District Veterinarian, Albury/Holbrook
I wanted to briefly run through an incident, investigated in the Albury region in the autumn of 1992, that I found particularly interesting from a number of points of view Read More

Bovine Venereal Campylobacteriosis: Incidence of the Disease and Evaluation of the IGA Vaginal Mucus Elisa
Hum S. Quinn C. and Kennedy D.
Bovine venereal campylobacteriosis (BVC) is caused by Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis, an obligate parasite of the mucosa of the male and female genital organs Read More

Bovine Protozoal Abortion in North-Eastern NSW
P.A.W. HARPER Grafton Agricultural Research & Advisory Station, GRAFTON
The diagnosis of protozoal abortion in cattle is based on demonstration of characteristic histologic lesions in the aborted foetus Read More

Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) Poisoning
JG Boulton Regional Veterinary Laboratory, WOLLONGBAR
There have been sporadic incidents in NSW since 1980, with eight herds affected on the north coast in 1991 Read More

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