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The Pathology of Newcastle Disease in NSW
Written by: Rod Reece, Tony Ross, Leslie Reddacliff, Steve Hum, Russell Graydon, John Glastonbury, Keith Walker and Peter Hooper
In late August 1998 a broiler farm of 6 sheds @ 24,000 chickens each suffered a rapid rise in mortality to 2-3% per day in two sheds at 33-37 days. Birds examined had respiratory distress, tracheal congestion and lung consolidation ... Read More

Animal Science and the Safety of Food for Human Consumption
Written by: BA Vanselow, NSW Agriculture, UNE
Foodborne illness is a serious problem even in industrialised countries with the emergence of new pathogens and changes in food production, distribution and eating habits. The animal scientist is vital in the development of control systems on-farm ... Read More

Food Safety - What it Means to the Beef Industry
Written by: BA Vanselow, NSW Agriculture, UNE
Contamination of food and water is possibly the most widespread health problem in the world. Annually hundreds of millions of children younger than five years of age suffer from diarrhoea with 3 million dying as a result ... Read More

Mastitis, Polyarthritis and Abortion Caused by Mycoplasma Species Bovine Group 7 in Dairy Cattle
Written by: Steven Hum, Alan Kessell, Steven Djordjevic, Rob Rheinberger and Michael Hornitzky
The clinical syndromes included mastitis, abortion and polyarthritis. Mastitis as a result of Mycoplasma sp. bovine group 7 infection was implicated in the spread of infection ... Read More

Contol of Haemonchus contortus in the Face of Closantel Resistance
Written by: JA Macfarlane, RLPB, Armidale
Recent reports of closantel and macrocyclic lactone anthelmintic resistance to H. contortus in an area west of the New England Tablelands galvanised a local farm management group to apply for funds to look at alternative methods of control ... Read More

Foot and Mouth Disease Eradication in the Bikol Peninsula of the Philippines
Written by: Paul Freeman, District Veterinarian, Casino RLPB
The Current epidemic commenced in 1995 and was centered in Luzon with 22 of the 29 provinces affected and over 100,000 clinical cases reported (probably underestimation) ... Read More

Infection with a Lentigenic Newcastle Disease Virus
Written by: DD Salmon, District Veterinarian, Riverina
Surveillance testing during a velogenic Newcastle disease outbreak at Mangrove Mountain, NSW, during 1999 resulted in the isolation of a previously unidentified strain of Newcastle disease virus in the Somersby area ... Read More

Hot & Bothered Heifers at Narrabri
Written by: Shaun Slattery, DV Narrabri RLP Board
This herd was experiencing staggers, recumbency and deaths in heifers as they were being returned to a paddock 10 km from the yards where they had been weaned ... Read More


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