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OJD in NSW to 31 May 2000
Written by: IJ Links, I Roth, E Sergeant, M Evers, L Denholm and C Taragel
At 31 March 2000 there had been 512 infected flocks identified in NSW since 1980 with 451 (1.5% of the State's flocks) still having an infected status ... Read More

Bananas, Local Councils and Dieldren Residues
Written by: I Harradine, DV Grafton
Since the late 1970's dieldren residues have been found in cattle at slaughter following grazing of old banana plantations ... Read More

EBL in Victoria
Written by: I Holmes, DVO Echuca
EBL rarely shows as a clinical disease, and so the Animal Health authorities in Victoria were not aware of the extent of its spread in this state ... Read More

Written by: Tony Ross, NSW Agriculture
EBL is caused by the oncogenic bovine leukaemia retrovirus. It is present within infected B lymphocytes and therefore present in meat and milk ... Read More

Chemical Dermatitis in Sheep
Written by: A Morton, DV Wagga Wagga
A total of 1360 merino sheep (ewes, wethers & weaners) had been shorn and 30-40% were estimated at this initial inspection to have dermatitis (a subsequent inspection revealed the situation was far worse) ... Read More

Ergotism in Cattle
Written by: JB Kemp, DV Forbes
One calf was in lateral recumbency showing nervous signs — opisthotonus and tetanic convulsions and another animal charged the owner ... Read More

An Unusual Neurological Case
Written by: P Kemsley, DV Tweed / Lismore
A 4 month old bull calf presented with ataxia, then later that night another bull calf became ataxic ... Read More


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