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Acorn Calves — Investigations
Written by: Luzia Rast, District Veterinarian, Gundagai RLPB
Data from these districts estimated that there were 50 to 70 affected properties, with 1-50% of calves affected ... Read More

Acorn Calves — History
Written by: Alex Stephens, District Veterinarian, Cooma RLPB
The term 'Acorn calves' came from the US where it has been used to describe congenitally malformed calves showing varying degrees of chondrodystrophy and with a resemblance to inherited dwarfism ... Read More

Clinical Aspects of Lead Poisoning in Cattle
Written by: Bruce Watt, District Veterinarian, Condobolin RLPB
Acute lead poisoning causes an encephalopathy, sub-acute lead poisoning can also cause gastroenteritis while chronic lead intoxication can cause peripheral nerve degeneration ... Read More

Unusual Presentations of Cheilanthes sieberi and Marsilea drummondii Poisonings in the Narrabri RLPB District
Written by: Shaun Slattery, District Veterinarian, Narrabri RLPB
Cheilanthes sieberi (Rock or Mulga Fern) and Marsilea drummondii (Nardoo) are ferns with well known poisonings of stock ... Read More

Significance of Porcine Circovirus in Outbreak of Peracute Coughing in Pigs
Written by: Julie Bolam, SRAHM, Central Slopes, NSW DPI
I would like to briefly present an unusual case of peracute coughing in a high health piggery and then discuss the implications of porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) being isolated ... Read More

Arthritis in Lambs
Written by: Sarah Robson, Acting SRAHM, Wagga Wagga, NSW DPI
Arthritic or "crippled" lambs are a common problem for most lamb producers, but the extent of the problem varies widely ... Read More


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