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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

District Veterinarian Conference 2008


Bone problems in lambs on grazing cereals
Written by: Bruce Watt, District Veterinarian, Central Tablelands RLPB
Lambs are reported to develop skeletal problems due to calcium deficiency, internal parasitism, copper deficiency ... Read more

Scabby mouth (Orf) in vaccinted sheep
Written by: Bruce Watt, DV Central Tablelands
Scabby mouth is a common disease of Australian sheep. On properties that vaccinate, subsequent disease is rare ... Read More

Weaner management project with Pfizer Eryvac - findings after the first year
Written by: Bruce Watt, DV Central Tablelands et al
High mortality and poor preformance in merino lambs is a well documented problem ... Read More


BJD Case report
Written by: Phil Kemsley, DV RLPB Casino
A report into the nature of spread of Bovine Johnes Disease in a coastal dairy environment... Read More

Bloat in cattle on grazing oats and wheaten hay
Written by: Bruce Watt, DV RLPB Central Tablelands
Bloat has been estimated to cost 47 million dollars per year. In August 2007, deaths on grazing oats led to an investigation ... Read More

Nitrate poisoning
Written by: Ross Kemp, DV RLPB Hunter
More than 120 cattle died during Autumn. The toxic nitrate level is greater than 1200 to 1800 mg/kg ... Read More

Pestivirus prevalence and management in the Central Tablelands
Written by: Bruce Watt, DV RLPB Central Tablelands
80-90% of herds show evidence of pestivirus exposure. In surveys in 2006 and 2008, all herds had evidence ... Read More

Other species

Osteomalacia in grower pigs
Written by: Shaun Slattery, District Veterinarian; Siobhan Egan, Veterinary Intern
A pig herd becomes afflicted with hindlimb paralysis and loud squealing when disturbed ... Read more

Streptococcus suis infection in humans - an emerging disease?
Written by: Eliz Braddon, District Veterinarian
Strep suis is commonly found in pigs. What of the people who work with them ... Read more

Suspect case of post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome
Written by: Phillip Kemsley, District Veterinarian
PMWS has not been reported in Australia. A disease complex in weaner pigs first presented in January 2005 ... Read more



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