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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

District Veterinarian Conference 2010


Arthritis in sheep
Written by: Bruce Watt, District Veterinarian, Central Tablelands RLPB
Infectious arthritis is a common problem in young Australian sheep and ... Read more

Brachygnathia, cardiomegaly and renal hypoplasia syndrome in poll merino lambs
Written by: Peter Windsor, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney
A poll merino breeder reports episodic freak lambs with a poor survival rate ... Read more

Gudair® vaccine efficacy
Written by: Josephine Gollan, Jeff Eppleston, Navneet Dhand, Peter Windsor, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney
The influence of management factors on the efficacy of Gudair® vaccine is studied ... Read more

Haemochromatosis in two mobs of sheep
Written by: Gabrielle Morrice, District Veterinarian, Riverina LHPA
Two properties reported weight loss, lethargy and listlessness on a good diet ... Read more

Haemonchus dipstick test for detecting Barbers Pole worm in sheep
Written by: Mark Doherty, Technical Services Manager, Ancare Australia Pty Limited
The use of a test to detect traces of haemoglobin in faeces reflecting worm burdens ... Read more

Ram semen culture results
Written by: Greg McCann, Senior District Veterinarian, Central West LHPA, Dubbo
Culture results from ram semen indicate a range of organisms found, including ... Read more

Thymic tissue found extrathoracically in Dorper lambs
Written by: Libby Read, District Veterinarian, North West LHPA (Narrabri-Walgett)
Submadibular, bilateral swellings appear in small numbers of Dorper lambs ... Read more

Tick borne diseases of sheep
Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA, Bathurst and Michelle Dennis, Faculty of Vet Sc, University of Sydney
An overview of diseases spread by ticks in sheep that Australian veterinarians ... Read more


Acorn calves in Southeastern Australia
Written by: Brigit Pitman, DV, Hume LHPA
Acorn calves display a clinical syndrome of skeletal abnormalities, with a domed head ... Read more

Bovine Johnes Disease ELISA FAQ
Written by: Steven Hum, Veterinary Research Officer, EMAI
The ELISA test employed by EMAI, how it works and what the results mean ... Read more

Heliotrope poisoning - the steer in the dam
Written by: Tony Morton, DV Hume LHPA, Wagga Wagga
A young steer standing in the middle of a dam and not inclinded to venture to dry ... Read more

Pimelea poisoning in cattle
Written by: Kylie Greentree, VO Bourke
A calf presents with severe ventral oedema and respiratory distress ... Read more

Pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning in cattle - Case 1
Written by: Ian Masters DV Hume (Gundagai)
Young cattle that walk with a sloshing sound that go on to die ... Read more

Pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning in cattle - Case 2
Written by: Bruce Watt, SDV, Tablelands LHPA (Bathurst) and
David Payten, ?Kaloola,? Darby?s Fall?s Road, Cowra

A case of ongoing mortalities in a cow herd months after summer grazing ... Read more

Salmonella poisoning in dairy cattle
Written by: Andrew Thompson, Veterinary Pathologist, EMAI
A full laboratory rundown on an abortion storm in a dairy herd ... Read more

Salmonella mortality in extensive cattle herd
Written by: Libby Read, District Veterinarian, North West LHPA (Narrabri-Walgett)
An investigation into the deaths of 50 calves found after a wet period ... Read more

Spongy degeneration in the brain of an Angus calf
Written by: Christina Kwan, Veterinary Intern in Pathology, University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Camden
A calf showing recumbency and depression has diffuse vacuolation of the brain ... Read more

Sporadic Bovine Encephalomyelitis case in Hume LHPA
Written by: Brigit Pitman, DV Hume LHPA
Histopathology on a male hereford calf solves a calf mortality problem ... Read more

Toxic hepatopathy, challenges in diagnosis
Written by: Dr Melinda Gabor, EMAI
Histopathology of the liver from various toxins are discussed in minute detail... Read more

Trichomoniasis eradication - a case study
Written by: Andrew Biddle, DV, New England LHPA, Glen Innes
How an enterprise eradicates and develops a strategy to keep out infectious infertility ... Read more

Pathology and epidemiology of Bovine Yersiniosis
Written by: Matt Ball, Senior District Veterinarian, North Coast LHPA
A full rundown on the history of yersiniosis in cattle on the north coast of NSW following periods of ... Read more

Other species

Glasser’s Disease in Pigs
Written by: Belinda Edmonstone, District Veterinarian, Lachlan LHPA, Forbes
A purchase of 26 weaner pigs goes wrong when the count of the dead reaches nine ... Read more

Goat shoot operations collecting animal health information
Written by: Keith Hart, Senior District Veterinarian, Cumberland LHPA, Camden
The serendipidous collection of samples from goats during a cull operation found that ... Read more



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