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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2012 Spring edition of case studies

Spring 2012 State Report
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA


A case of lupinosis
Written by: Eliz Braddon, SDV Lachlan LHPA
An owner was confronted with 30 dead sheep and at least that many staggering and apparently blind out of 1000 two-year old Merino ewes ... Read More

An unusual presentation of contagious ecthyma (scabby mouth / orf) in young rams
Written by: Libby Guest, District Veterinarian, North West LHPA
The rams did not have the typically lesions affecting the mucocutaneous junctions of the mouth and nose but had hyperkeratotic, proliferative papillary projections on the ears and dorsal cranium ... Read More

Lameness and losses in crossbred ewes affected by floodwater
Written by: Belinda Edmonstone, District Veterinarian, Lachlan LHPA, Forbes Office
At the end of February and beginning of March 2012, the Lachlan River catchment received heavy rain over what was already a saturated area, with eight hundred 2 year old crossbred ewes stranded in water for 5 days ... Read More

Phalaris staggers persisting for seven months post exposure in crossbred lambs
Written by: Simon Choi (Veterinary student, University of Sydney), Anon,
Erika Bunker (State Veterinary Laboratory) and
Bruce Watt (Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst)

A report of phalaris staggers affecting only the lambs from a mob of first cross ewes and lambs with deaths continuing to occur for seven months post exposure and clinical signs for eight months. ... Read More

Sheep deaths associated with the administration of controlled-release capsules
Written by: Bill Johnson, District Veterinarian, Goulburn
Ewes were standing away from the mob, some apparently blind and unaware of their surroundings, for about twenty-four hours prior to being found dead. ... Read More


Blackleg in calves west of the Blue Mountains in NSW
Written by: Bruce Watt (Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst),
Kim Bensch and Michelle Monaghan (Lithgow Veterinary Hospital)

Blackleg is a common cause of death on the coast of NSW but is rarely diagnosed west of the mountains ... Read More

Blackleg causing acute myocarditis in a Hereford cross calf
Written by: Bruce Watt (Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst) and Steven Hum (State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Menangle)
Blackleg commonly kills unvaccinated cattle between 3 months and two years of age, usually commencing in skeletal muscles but occasionally the heart or diaphragm is affected ... Read More

Blackleg in the Tweed-Lismore region of NSW
Written by: Lydia Poad, Veterinary intern, University of Sydney and Matt Ball, Senior District Veterinarian, Lismore
Eighty seven laboratory reports were found in archives covering the period between 1968 and 2012.? Forty seven of these reports were consistent with the case definition for blackleg ... Read More

Cardiomyopathy in an Angus heifer
Written by: Bruce Watt (Tablelands LHPA, Bathurst) and Steven Hum (State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Menangle)
The heifer, examined on 20 November 2012 was bright, alert and responsive and while in moderate body condition was judged to be about 80 kg lighter than her cohort ... Read More

The myocardial form of nutritional muscular dystrophy in calves on clover dominant pastures
Written by: Bruce Watt (Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst) and
Patrick Staples (State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Menangle)

The manager of a cattle property in the Peelwood district noticed that a one-month-old Angus calf became lethargic then die. Subsequently two more large well-grown calves were noticed to be lethargic and suffered respiratory distress when mustered ... Read More


Glasser's disease (Haemophilus parasuis) in weaners
Written by: Lydia Poad, Veterinary Intern Sydney University
Matt Ball, Senior District Veterinarian Lismore

Four weaners that had been purchased became acutely lame and unable to stand two weeks after arrival. One of these weaners was found dead two days later ... Read More

Tetanus in goats
Written by: Matt Ball, Senior District Veterinarian Lismore, NSW
In September 2012 at least eight goats, including a number of kids, had been found dead with no obvious signs of disease prior to their death.? In early October two live goat kids of approximately eight weeks of age were found in lateral recumbency, unable to stand ... Read More

Two cases of caprine listeriosis
Written by: Jacob Stone (final year veterinary student, The University of Sydney),
Michelle Monaghan (Lithgow Veterinary Hospital), Alison Wardman, (Lithgow Veterinary Hospital) and Bruce Watt (Tablelands LHPA, Bathurst)

In early July, a buck showing signs of hypersalivation, stupor and recumbency before death was autopsied. Two weeks later, the owner found a 3-year-old doe that was separated from the group, showing signs of disorientation, circling, followed by recumbency, leg paddling and death ... Read More



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