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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2013 Winter edition of case studies

Winter 2013 State Report
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA


A case of scabby mouth in lot fed lambs
Written by: Brigit Pitman, District Veterinarian, Hume LHPA
In March 2013 Scabby Mouth spread through 1500 crossbred lambs shortly after they were introduced into an on-farm feedlot. Around 50% of lambs in all five pens were affected with lesions at the height of the outbreak ... Read More

Eradication of ovine brucellosis in Dorpers
Written by: Tahleah Haddow, Veterinary Student, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Dermot McNerney, Senior Veterinary Officer, NSW DPI, Dareton
Historically the producer tested annually for ovine brucellosis and had found no evidence of infection for several years but testing had been neglected...the owner confirmed finding several rams (also dorper) from his neighbour on his property several months before ... Read More

Fatal intestinal torsion in a ram post-shearing
Written by: Brigit Pitman, District Veterinarian Hume LHPA
An unexpected death in a ram after sedation and shearing was investigated to determine the cause of death, the diagnosis at autopsy was that death was due to intestinal torsion ... Read More

Hypocalcaemia and ketosis associated with handling in late pregnant ewes
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst
In this outbreak, 21 of 250 mature merino ewes suffered from clinical hypocalcaemia after they were held off feed for 26 hours, as they were mustered, crutched and drenched. Sixteen of 21 ewes recovered with treatment. Five of 21 ewes either died or were euthanased ... Read More


Bracken fern poisoning in heifers
Written by: Ainslie Lund, District Veterinarian, North Coast LHPA, Grafton
Bracken fern (Pteridium esculentum) contains ptaquiloside, a norsesquiterpene glycoside, which has been shown to cause both neoplasia and acute haemorrhagic syndrome in cattle and is a common cause of cattle mortalities on the North Coast of NSW. The following case study describes Bracken fern toxicity in 3 heifers on a farm in the Pillar Valley ... Read More

Mannheimia haemolytica pneumonia in beef calves
Written by: Libby Guest, District Veterinarian, North West LHPA
This is a report of an unusual outbreak of pneumonic pasteurellosis (Mannheimia haemolytica) in extensively-managed, unweaned beef calves on a drought-affected property near Burren Junction ... Read More



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