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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2018-19 Summer edition of case studies


Drought feeding and management
Written by: BR Watt
Crucial decisions must be made as the onset of drought becomes obvious. The most important decision is what to sell and what to keep ... Read More

Gongylonemiasis causing oral ulceration (with exclusion of vesicular disease) in merino ewes from Barossa Valley, South Australia
Written by: Dr Catherine Harper, Barossa Veterinary Service, Nuriootpa SA and Kapunda SA
A producer reported that Merino ewes with lambs at foot were “frothing at the mouth”, one ewe had died and approximately 20 percent of the flock were affected ... Read More

Sudden death caused by Phalaris in some ewes
Written by: J Rogers, DVO, PIRSA, Murray Bridge, SA and Dr Effie Lee, Veterinary Pathologist, Gribbles, SA
A producer found 15 Dohne ewes dead and one moribund... Read More


Bovine Campylobacter and Trichomoniasis: they still cause problems
Written by: Rod Reece, NSW Department of Primary Industries, State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, EMAI, Menangle NSW
Diagnosis of infertility or sub-fertility, as in all other differential diagnoses, rests upon the pillars of clinical history, clinical signs and results of further testing ... Read More

Dermatophilus and lice causing severe dermatitis in a heifer
Written by: Effie Lee, Veterinary Pathologist, Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, Glenside, Jeremy Rogers, Senior Veterinary Officer, PIRSA Biosecurity - Murray Bridge and Ellena Hillbrich, Naracoorte & Penola Veterinary Centres, SA
A weaned six-month-old Angus heifer developed a severely painful and smelly skin disease with thickened lumps of brown keratinized crusts or scabs ... Read More

Toxicosis in cattle grazing woolly pod vetch (Vicia villosa spp. dasycarpa) in Northern NSW
Written by: Heidi Austin, Tamworth
This report describes a case of vetch toxicosis in six Angus and Murray Grey cows in the Tamworth district of North West New South Wales ... Read More



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