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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2020 Autumn edition of case studies


Clostridial myositis in South Australian feedlot lambs
Written by: Stephanie Warwick, DVM, Livestock Production Advisor, Elders, Jeremy Rogers, Senior Veterinary Officer, PIRSA, and Effie Lee, Gribbles VETLAB, SA
A producer from South Australia reported that 5 ex 5,000 lambs were found dead, with a further four with swollen back legs, and one with a swollen face ... Read More

Foot abscess in Tablelands sheep: evaluation of risk factors and management options
Written by: Jeff Eppleston and Bruce Watt, Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst, NSW and Navneet Dhand and Robert Barwell, Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney, Camden, NSW
Foot abscess occurs sporadically in sheep flocks depending on pasture conditions, but during the wet winter/spring of 2010 on the tablelands of NSW foot abscess was common ... Read More

Helcococcus ovis isolated from suppurative arthritis in a lamb
Written by: Lucienne Downs, DV, Central Tablelands LLS
This article describes a case of suppurative arthritis in a four-week-old lamb and provides a brief literature review of the causative agent, Helcococcus ovis ... Read More

Ill-thrift and wastage in ewes caused by urolithiasis and lupinosis
Written by: Katelyn Braine, DV, Riverina LLS, Gundagai
A sheep producer in the Riverina contacted the local District Veterinarian about ill-thrift and wastage in a flock of lactating ewes ... Read More


Pimelea simplex (desert riceflower) poisoning in the Far West of NSW
Written by: Jessica van de Weyer, District Veterinarian, Western Local Land Services, Broken Hill
Pimelea plants are found throughout inland NSW and they can have significant impact on the cattle industry as a result of production losses ... Read More

Vetch toxicosis in Angus cows fed vetch hay
Written by: Will Berry, Blayney Veterinary Hospital, Bruce Watt Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst and Anne Jordan, EMAI
Cattle can develop a chronic inflammation of the skin, kidneys, heart and other organs 3-10 weeks after grazing vetch pastures or forage crops ... Read More


An outbreak of encephalomyocarditis deaths in camels
Written by: Kylie Greentree, Hunter Local Land Services and Jim Kerr, Hunter Local Land Services
During this investigation, three camels that died suddenly tested positive for EMCV and had heart lesions consistent with EMCV infection... Read More



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