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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2021 Spring edition of case studies


Five Outbreaks of Listeria ivanovii Abortion in Sheep and Goats on the Central Tablelands of NSW
Written by: Conor McConnell (final year veterinary student at Charles Stuart University Wagga Wagga), Jess Bourke (Central Tablelands LLS DV, Mudgee), Emilee Johnstone (Central Tablelands LLS DV, Cowra) and Bruce Watt (Central Tablelands LLS DV, Bathurst)
This paper reviews five abortion outbreaks in sheep and goats caused by L. ivanovii, while this abortion storm is also compared with others reported in the literature to identify trends ... Read More

Three Cases of Summer Pneumonia
Written by: Nik Cronin and Belinda Edmonstone, District Veterinarians, Central West Local Land Services, Forbes
Summer pneumonia is the term used to describe pneumonia and pleurisy in sheep, most frequently seen in late summer and autumn ... Read More


Chronic Weight Loss, Partial Blindness and Three Swollen Legs in a 2.5-Year-Old Angus Steer
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Bathurst, George Corones, Corones and O'Hehir Veterinary Surgeons, Bathurst and Leah Johnson, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle
One of 15 2-2.5-year-old steers presented as alert but lethargic with weight loss over several months, partial blindness and three swollen legs ... Read More

Pythiosis, ('Swamp Cancer' in horses) - Emerging in Cattle in Australia?
Written by: Jocelyn Todd, District Veterinarian, North Coast Local Land Services, South Grafton; Erika Bunker, Veterinary Pathologist, Belinda O'Rourke, Technical Officer and Sophia Callaghan, Plant Pathologist, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle
Pythium spp are common plant pathogens, and belongs to the Oomycetes group, most closely related to brown algae, but with a superficial resemblance to fungi ... Read More

Tetanus in steers following failed ring castration
Written by: Katelyn Braine, District Veterinarian, Murray Local Land Services, Deniliquin NSW, and Andrew Lean, Veterinarian, Finley Veterinary Clinic, Finley NSW
The producer had found one steer dead that morning and another steer was found down that afternoon nearly to the point of death ... Read More

Tick Fever and Theileria Excluded From a Case of Copper Toxicity in a 7-Month-Old Brahman Poddy Calf
Written by: Kylie Greentree, District Veterinarian, Hunter Local Land Services
As this case was a Brahman calf with 'red water' (red discolouration of the urine) and jaundice, it was important to exclude tick fever as the cause of death ... Read More



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