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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2012 Winter edition of case studies

Winter 2012 State Report
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands LHPA


Phalaris staggers
Written by: David Rendell, 60 Portland Rd Hamilton 3300
Phalaris staggers risk is a function of paddock soil cobalt levels, level of soil ingestion and level of phalaris dominance and palatability. Cases can occur at all times of the year but peaks in late winter ... Read More

Sheep lice prevalence in southern Tablelands NSW
Written by: S Popp, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Sydney and J Eppleston, Tablelands Livestock, Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst and BR Watt, Tablelands Livestock, Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst and S Mansfield, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Sydney and RD Bush, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, Camden
In response to suggestions that the incidence of louse infestations in New South Wales has increased markedly, a survey of 173 producers was conducted in the Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority region using visual detection and a questionnaire to document retrospective lice history ... Read More

Yersinia enterocolitica abortion in ewes
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority
In early August 2010, the owner of a mob of 180 mature Merino White Suffolk ewes noticed five dead premature foetuses and two live premature lambs ... Read More


BJD in a Market Assurance Program (MAP) herd (2)
Written by: Matt Ball, District Veterinarian, Lismore
For at least 15 years the herd has been closed having entered the Market Assurance Program (MAP) and was assigned a herd status of MN1 in 1998 ... Read More

Bovine anaemia caused by Theileria orientalis group
Written by: Andrew Biddle, District Veterinarian, New England LHPA
In March 2012 significant losses were incurred on two neighbouring properties as a result of infection with Theileria orientalis ... Read More

Endemic salmonellosis
Written by: Matt Ball, Senior District Veterinarian, North Coast LHPA
A 3 month old calf was examined and found to be dehydrated, febrile and weak with rectal straining passing of stands of mucous. ? This calf had been treated with three daily doses ... Read More

Field pea mania (suspected)
Written by: Dr Jillian Kelly, Central West LHPA, Coonamble & Nyngan
Hypersensitivity reactions involving manic behaviour in cattle grazing Field Pea (Pisium sativum),crops, referred to as "Field Pea Mania", are dramatic but short lived ... Read More

Field pea toxicity in two hereford heifers
Written by: Joanne Taylor ? Year 5, University of Queensland & Shaun Slattery ? SDV North West LHPA
The field pea (Pisum sativum var avense) is a rapid-growing fodder legume, high in protein and energy. Field Pea toxicity in cattle has been described previously ... Read More

Hypomagnesaemic tetany in poll hereford cattle
Written by: Steve Eastwood, New England LHPA, Armidale
Hypomagnesaemic tetany (grass tetany) is most common in late pregnant and lactating cows. Clinical signs develop when there are low magnesium levels in the cerebrospinal fluid ... Read More

Vagus indigestion in an angus cow
Written by: Bruce Watt, Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority, Bathurst
Vagus indigestion is an insidious, chronic dysfunction of the ruminant (but usually bovine) forestomachs, leading to reduced outflow and therefore chronic bloat, inappetence and weight loss ... Read More

Yersiniosis in cattle
Written by: Phillip Kemsley, North Coast LHPA, Casino
Cases of yersiniosis in cattle are seen each winter on the north coast. Ten cases were investigated by the author in the winter of 2012 over a 10 week period ... Read More


Yersinia enterocolitica abortion in a doe
Written by: Ian Poe, Mid Coast LHPA
In sheep, Y. enterocolitica caused a severe generalised bacterial infection of the foetus. The following report is of a case of placentitis and abortion in a maiden Boer doe ... Read More



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