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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

2022 Autumn edition of case studies


An Intestinal Adenocarcinoma Causing Ascites and Death in a Merino Ewe
Written by: BR Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst and Patrick Staples, EMAI, Menangle
Intestinal adenocarcinoma is a common tumour of older sheep, most often discovered at slaughter as an incidental finding ... Read More


CASE1: Acute Selenium Intoxication in Lambs
Written by: Bruce Watt, Central Tablelands LLS, Bathurst; Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, Virbac and Erika Bunker, EMAI, Menangle
Selenium intoxication is a risk when livestock are overdosed by miscalculating the dilution of Selenium or the dose by bodyweight, or else through simultaneous administration of selenium-containing formulations... Read More

CASE 2: Acute Selenium Intoxication in Lambs
Written by: Elsa Glanville, Mackinnon Project, FVAS, University of Melbourne
Acute selenium toxicity in lambs results in cardiac failure causing lethargy, respiratory distress, neurological disturbance and death ... Read More


Swine Pox Infection in Non-Commercial Pig Herd NW NSW
Written by: Justine McNally BVSc., District Veterinarian, Moree
A farmer called in late January as five piglets from his most recent litter presented with multiple, round, raised lesions over their entire bodies ... Read More



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