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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

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Articles highlighting veterinary investigations of disease incidents in sheep flocks, cattle herds and other livestock species, mostly in New South Wales, Australia that may prove of interest to veterinarians and students of veterinary science.

From the 2020 Autumn Edition...Lucienne Downs investigates arthritic lambs and discovers an emerging pathogen...

Helcococcus ovis isolated from suppurative arthritis in a lamb by Lucienne Downs, District Veterinarian, Central Tablelands Local Land Services

The causative agent of the suppurative arthritis, Helcococcus ovis is considered an emerging pathogen of humans and animals and has not previously been associated with a case of septic arthritis in any species ... Read more

From the Archives...SWINE FEVER — Australia had incursions of Swine Fever in 1927, 1942 and 1961...

1963 — Swine Fever developments by NK Golding

At the end of March, 1962, the Swine Fever eradication campaign had been in progress in NSW for almost a year... Read More

1962 — Swine Fever outbreak by NK Golding

There were serious mortalities in pigs reported and investigated in the outer metropolitan areas of Sydney during 1960... Read More

1943 — Swine Fever outbreak in NSW by HG Belschner

In December, 1942 two pigs despatched to the Homebush Saleyards from a Matraville swill feeder, died in the yards... Read More

1928 — Inspectors confer — Disease carriers reported by Goulburn Evening Penny Post March 1928

Dr HR Seddon outlines research on transmission of Swine Fever by starlings... Read More

1927 — Stock Inspectors — Annual conference Glenfield visit reported by Farmer and Settler April 1927

Inspectors examined a large collection of specimens collected since the recent Swine Fever outbreak in Cumberland... Read More

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