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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

Articles highlighting veterinary investigations of disease incidents in sheep flocks, cattle herds and other livestock species, mostly in New South Wales, Australia that may prove of interest to veterinarians and students of veterinary science.

From the Archives (1951)...A perspective on chemical treatment of flystrike in the 1950s...

Prevention and Control of Body Strike of Sheep by GJ Shanahan

Prior to 1947 no serious attempt was made in Australia to find a means of combating body strike of sheep... Read More

From the 2022 Conference Edition...Laboratory testing for virulent footrot...

How well does the elastase test support clinical footrot diagnosis? by A Collins, K Smith, D Collins and O Dhungyel

This study measured the rate of elastase clearing (digestion of elastin particles) in D. nodosus isolate cultures submitted from 184 sheep flocks in NSW... Read more

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