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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

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Articles highlighting veterinary investigations of disease incidents in sheep flocks, cattle herds and other livestock species, mostly in New South Wales, that may prove of interest to veterinarians and students of veterinary science.

From the 2019-20 Summer Edition...Nik Cronin and Alan Sharrock investigate sudden death from algae poisoning triggered by copper sulphate...

Suspected neurotoxic sudden death in ewes drinking from a farm dam recently treated with copper sulphate to kill blue green algae by Nik Cronin, DV Forbes and Alan Sharrock, Lachlan Valley Vet Clinic

Toxins produced by blue green algae are stored within the algal cell, and are only released into the water when the algae die, so the death of large numbers of algae, such as when treating an algal bloom, may liberate large quantities of toxin into the water supply rendering it highly poisonous ... Read more

From the Archives...in 1959 Mr KSF Bray of Hay cautions against supplying ad lib water to water-deprived stock...

Apparent Water Intoxication in Cattle by KSF Bray, Veterinary Inspector, Hay

It is known that humans have perished through lack of water, particularly in hot weather, and that death is more certain or hastened if water provided afer abstinence is copious, fresh and cold. Mortality in cattle, notorious for high water demand normally, is not surprising when water is provided after substantial enforced abstinence ... Read More

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