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Case notes on veterinary investigations in sheep, cattle and other species

1964 Proceedings
47th Annual Conference

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Office Bearers ... Page 3

Members ... Page 5

Opening Address
KS McIntosh, Director of Veterinary Hygeine, Commonwealth Dept of Health ... Page 9

Presidential Address
MR Barry, Veterinary Inspector, Albury ... Page 13

G Edgar, Director-General of Agriculture, NSW ... Page 19

Visit to Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield
JC Keast, Director ... Page 25

The Control of Viral Diseases of Livestock by the Means of Vaccines
EL French, CSIRO ... Page 27

The World and its Future Food
MV Tracey, Principal Research Officer, CSIRO ... Page 31

The Future of the Beef Cattle Industry in Australia
JL Shute, Chairman, Australian Meat Board ... Page 39

Internal Parasites of Cattle in NSW
IK Hotson, Veterinary Research Station, Glenfield ... Page 45

Pseudolipidosis in an Angus Vealer
GE Charles, Inspector of Stock, Forbes ... Page 49

Veterinary Education at the University of Sydney
RVS Bain, Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science ... Page 51

Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning
CH Gallagher, McMaster Laboratory, CSIRO ... Page 55

Some Observations on the Pathology of Swansonia Poisoning in Sheep and Some Possible Lines of Further Investigation
JC Kater, Veterinary Research Officer, Glenfield ... Page 58

Polio-Encephalomalacia in a Ewe
CD Gee, Inspector of Stock, Carcoar ... Page 60

Anaesthesian and Restraint in Wild Animals
LH Larsen, Associate Professor in Veterinary Surgery, Universtity of Sydney ... Page 61

Some Observations on Neoplasia in Meat Animals in Northern NSW
PT Diplock, Inspector of Stock, Warialda ... Page 67

The Fisher Library
H Bryan, Librarian, University of Sydney ... Page 71

Suspected Cobalt Deficiency in Lambs
EA Farleigh, Inspector of Stock, Glen Innes ... Page 78


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